Emotional Materialism – a panel on artistic and research practices

“Emotional materialism” is a suggestive term that seems to embrace various artistic practices and theorising. The panel will focus on the methods and motivations behind the creative processes: What are the potentials of dealing with the emotional aspect of material culture? What would be its obstacles or traps? How can the materiality itself be treated – as a tool, a proxy, a partner, a being? Deriving from the experiences of the panelists, the discussion will tackle also the eternal questions of authorship, ethics and the agency of the artist, architect, scientist, and cultural producer in our societies.

Moderator: Alenka Pirman (SI)

Speakers: Kate McIntosh (BE, NZ), Tanja Petrović (SI),  Dragan Protić Prota – Škart (RS), Omar Nagati (EG)


29. 08. 2019


11:45 - 13:30


Pionirski dom at Komenskega 9
Komenskega street 9