Recycle! is one of the most known slogans and imperatives of modern society that strives to develop a more responsible attitude towards nature. Everything can be reused again: paper, batteries, plastic, clothes, food… Even parts of ourselves? Nowadays it is very commom to donate blood and even our organs, but only for medical purposes. Visual artist Elena Fajt uses as her artistic medium one of the most common but least used parts of the human body: cut hair. In her ongoing project Lasnine/Hairsense, she studies the cultural sense of hair, symbolic and aesthetic dimensions and visually reinterprets them in different installations and objects. This time she will process them and return them back to the human body. With the notion of processing and displacement, she questions our comprehension of hair: when it is on head, we admire it, but it turns into something alien and repulsive at the very moment of removal. Hair hybrids/Hairbrids combine something seemingly incompatible: the modern way of dressing, the imperative of recycling, the tabooization of hair and primary hairness of the human body. The artist achieves this through her use of hair as a raw material and its application in and on existing pieces of garments and accessories. Actors, dressed in hair dresses, will appear during the festival at some festival events and perform their everyday activities during the day. Their appearances and reactions to them will be recorded and presented on the closing presentation.

Author: Elena Fajt
Actors: Bor Pungerčič, Ana Urbanc, Nina Jan, Jasna Klinc, Juš Milčinski
Photo and video documentation: Urška Boljkovac, Iva Grobin, Darja Demšar


26. 08. 2008


Druga pomoč