documentary, audio collage about the life and work of Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa is a woman from the beginning of the 20th century, who did not have the right to vote and walked around in a long skirt.
Rosa is a woman with a doctorate in economics and a political activist, whose humanistic, transnational views are worth listening to.
Even today.

Authors: Nuša Komplet Peperko, Urška Majcen and Nuša Ofentavšek
Costume design: Nina Čehovin
Music: OSOTÖGARI and Nuša Ofentavšek
And some nice uncles from the background.
Performers: Rosa Luxemburg, Rosa Bordes, Leo Jogiches, the boss, Karl Kautsky, Luiza Kautsky, Klara Zetkin, Karl Liebknecht, Matilda Wurm, Opportunist
Inspiration: Kate Evans: Red Rosa, a Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg, VigeVageBooks, 2016
Education: Paul Frölich: Roza Luxemburg, Cankarjeva Založba 1955
Meditation: Roza Luxemburg: Selected letters, Cankarjeva založba 1963
Production: KUD 567, House of Culture Celje

75 minutes


15. 11. 2023


10:00 - 11:15


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Glavni trg 8, Celje