DISCOllective: Time Dances

Time Dances are dances that DISCOllective has been learning for a long time. This time DISCOllective will dance a dozen traditional dances of the time of different lengths, names and sophistication. They will dance some folklore dances for the first time, some for the last time. Some dances don’t have names yet, others are crying out to be changed (say the Occasional Dance), and still others don’t care if they are named or not (say the Boredom Dance). Maybe you will recognize a dance and dance it. Time will tell.

The performance is also a part of the Transferzala Subscription.

Choreography: Time
Dance, MC, costume design, scenography, sound: DISCOllective
Production: idto.upri.se
DIS-KO-production: Svet and Principlay
In cooperation with the Jambor space (Ljubljana), Rareca (Albanella), Tala Ple(j)s (Zagreb), L’Ex Asilo Filangieri (Naples), Vibrazioni Culturali (Felitto) and Bunker (Ljubljana)


11. 03. 2024


19:00 - 21:00


10€ / 7€


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