The performance is in English.

On 23 October 1956, revolution broke out in Hungary with student demonstrations, as a spontaneous rise against the communist government and Soviet hegemony. Many perished during the following insurrection, over 200,000 emigrated, among them the grandfather of Deborah Pearson; an actor appearing in a film comedy / political satire about the Hungarian national football team which was incidentally to be premiered on that very day … the day Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest.

History History History is a nuanced, comical yet painful tale in which global momentum collides with personal history. Pearson builds upon the film farce featuring a simple pen peddler who is, due to a series of outlandish coincidences, mistaken for the football superstar Ferenc Puskáš, to a degree so extreme he is contracted to play for a South American dictator (tycoon). There’s more to the funny piece than meets the eye, though. Through a brilliant interplay of reality and illusion, Pearson illuminates the subversive piece as a “commentator” exploring its satirizing of the tyranny of dictatorship, the struggles of a diaspora descendent weighed down by history, the spirit of the times, by familial tragedy and linguistic embarrassment. A Hungarian football comedy from 1956 subliminally weaving the story of a writer who loses his name, an actor who loses his voice, a nation that loses its revolution.

The performance is followed by a talk with the author.

90 minutes

Author: Deborah Pearson
Dramaturgy: Daniel Kitson
Artistic advisors: Tania El Khoury and Laura Danneqin
The project was developed with the assistance of the National Theatre Studio
Production: A House on Fire in partnership with Theatre Garonne (Toulouse, FR) and BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen, Norway)


23. 11. 2016




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