Wednesday, August 29th and Thursday, August 30th at 9 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

The secret of being human
This performance transforms the stage into a dream landscape and thus offers a uniquely exquisite experience by invoking an inventive play of light and sound amidst hypnotic three-dimensional reality. It speaks about being human. About memories. About growing old. About the fear of dying. About the fear of living. It cannot help but wonder while staring wilderness right in the eye, whether underneath all that human desire for love and security there may not yet await our yearning to be tamed and to belong. Can it be that the thing, generally referred to as ‘the mind’ in human beings, is something utterly metaphysical? Or, on the other hand, are we nothing but slaves to our instincts? Archetypes of some other lives lived? The most profound answers to these questions are conveyed through a metaphor one can find in fairy tales that speak about men and animals in one breath. Images of representation travel through our blood as something utterly beautiful and cruel at the same time and then attach themselves to our memories. Everything seems so familiar; we must have been here before.

Actors: Torbjørn Davidsen, Stein Winge, Randi Rommetveit, Pelle Ask
Director: Kari Holtan
Dramaturge: Anne Holtan
Video and lighting design: Boya Bøckman
Sound design: Merethe Mongstad
Set design: Carle Lange
Costumes: Gjøril Bjerche Sæther
Producer: Maya Bøckman
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Association for Performing Arts, The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Translation to Slovene: Anja Keber

75 minutes
The performance is in Norwegian with Slovene and English subtitles.


29. 08. 2012


Stage Under the Stars LGL