Davis Freeman/Random Scream: DO MY MOUTH

Davis is white, he is a man, he is from the United States, he lives in Brussels, he is known on the Slovene performative scene, he is an artist who is often labelled as as devious political theatre, and he is a Free man. Davis is also a creator who addresses the question Where do you come from? in the performance Do My Mouth – a question that seems easy to understand. One could argue that it is easy to answer. The topic becomes more sensitive when the question Where do you come from? does not only address the geographical area in which a person was born, but rather addresses the broader socio family context: who are your ancestors, where and how they lived, where do the ancestors of your ancestors come from, and what kind of network of social relations were they part of. Through unpleasant, sometimes painful memories, Freeman reflects on his existence as a human being and as an artist. In a virtual stand up performance Do My Mouth, he analyses his family history and his confrontation with death to address the hashtags of our time (#metoo, #blacklivesmatter). In the intimacy of his stories, he tackles the inexpressible subjects that plague our times with a sense of humor. The complexity of relations is accompanied though by three hopeful words that are included in the performance as a leitmotif: JOY, LIGHT, HAPPINESS. Do my Mouth is a celebration of broken moments and how we can confront the past to look forward to the future.

Directed and conceived by: Davis Freeman
Performance: Davis & Kaya Freeman
Visual graphics: Sam Vanoverschelde
Special thanks to: Diane Foudringer, Need Company
Produced by: Random Scream, Bit Teatergarasjen

95 minutes

Performance is in English, a summary in Slovene will be available.


22. 08. 2020




Reservations: info@bunker.si


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