Mladi Levi is a festival which aims to establish long‑term cooperation with artists – Antonio Tagliarini is one of the 6 artists who are returning to the festival with their new works. This time, together with Daria Deflorian. They are both freelance writers, directors, performers and actors, working on their separate projects, and since 2008, also collaborating on joint devised theatre projects.

Digging as a performance is a derivative of Quasi Niente, created by Deflorian and Tagliarini based on Antonioni’s film Red Desert. They buried themselves in archival material and began to discover, archaeology‑style, new and new layers of the film. The film was the first Antonioni’s color film and the last one with the actress Monica Vitti, who plays the main protagonist, wandering around her loneliness and alienation. Digging consists of excavations – a journal of one of the assistant directors, photographs and scenes not included in the final cut, Antonioni’s notes, together with their personal chips and confrontation with their own dilemma – how to create a final product from the material and ideas. Even in archaeological excavations, the most interesting part is the construction of the past reality from the pieces found and filling in the blanks from the ones not found, or the variations of the narrative that can be compiled from the same pieces. A wonderful excavation site.


  • Project by: Daria Deflorian, Antonio Tagliarini
  • Written and performed by: Francesco Alberici, Daria Deflorian, Antonio Tagliarini
  • Literary advisor: Morena Campani
  • Company manager: Anna Damiani
  • International distribution and management: Francesca Corona
  • Photography: Elizabeth Carecchio
  • Slovene translation: Ana Radović
  • Co-produced by: A.D., Festival di Santarcangelo 2018

In collaboration with: Italian Institute of Culture, Paris, Theatre Residency Carrozzerie | Not Roma

With support of: Italijanski kulturni inštitut Ljubljana, Vivere ALL’Italiana


Duration: 60 minutes

The performance is in Italian with Slovene and English surtitles.


27. 08. 2019


22:00 - 23:00


1 €


ŠD Tabor