Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade: BODYBODYBODYBODY

Bodybodybodybody is an exciting musical composition that consists of electronic music, with a lot of drum, guitar, bass, electronics, spoken word (mantras), and classical opera vocals. The musical work immensely stimulates the desire to dance and move, as the concept of the modern composition originates from the traditional tarantella, the Southern Italian folk music to which the population of Taranto danced ecstatically to get rid of evil spirits and diseases, the poison from the bite of the tarantula spider. Legend has it that musicians played a rhythm that matched the movements of the bitten person until the music destroyed the poison.

Belgian musicians Dag Taeldeman and Andrew Van Ostade play ecstatic, pulsating and ritualistic music, and they are joined at the last moment by soprano Lies Vandewege, while Matteo Sedda performs a tarantella in a modern interpretation that touches the viewer through mirror neurons. Bodybodybodybody is a concert performance, an opera, a wild dance that calls for the celebration of movement, dance, love, sexuality, liberation from pain, stress and negative feelings, putting the spectator into a hypnotic state.

Music: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade
Concept: Dag Taeldeman & Andrew Van Ostade
Choreography: Matteo Sedda
Dance: Matteo Sedda
Soprano: Lies Vandewege
Lighting design: Helmut Van Den Meersschaut
Lighting technician: Jelle Moerman
Sound: Bart Vincent
Artistic coordination, production, communication: Floria Lomme
Diffusion: Key Performance (Koen Vanhove)
Special thanks to: Lore Borremans, Edith Cassiers, Ellen Kromhout & Moreno Perna, Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana

Photo by: Robin Stevens


19. 08. 2022


20:00 - 21:00




Stage Under the Stars LGL