CONTEXT 001: Mare Bulc

CONTEXT is the surroundings..
CONTEXT is a space that spreads out and is both too little and too much.
CONTEXT is a sedimentological research..
CONTEXT is interpretation.
CONTEXT is researching, learning and representing.
CONTEXT is the rooting of archives.
CONTEXT is settlement.
CONTEXT is placing the author in time and looking for time in the author.
CONTEXT is a support programme of the Bunker Institute in development, which tries to emphasize the importance of the Old Power Station space and map the archives of the creators who traverse this space. It is about treating artists with a wide-angle lens: finding and emphasizing the connections between time, biography and the previous work of an artist, which results in a kind of extracted installation, and tries to better root the author and offer a basis for reading the new work in the context of time and their past oeuvre.
The main goals of the Context are the understanding of and research into the author’s work as a continuous artistic practice, thus establishing an understanding of the works of art as part of a longer journey, which is not just a series of unrelated points (performances).
The pilot implementation of the Context programme, designed as an educational and research project aimed at the audience attending events and performances within the framework of the Old Power Station program, was prepared by Primož Bezjak, Branko Jordan, Tanja Radež, Katarina Stegnar, Metod Zupan and Tery Žeželj.

CONTEXT 001: Mare Bulc, November 2022
Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana
Bunker Institute


18. 02. 2023


19:00 - 22:00


Vstop prost


Stara mestna elektrarna