Concert: Pionir 10

Tuesday, August 28th at 9 pm
Butcher’s bridge

This year’s ‘festival band’ is Pionir 10, a Serbian collective that has not yet made its appearance on Slovene stages. They named themselves after a satellite, which was the first spacecraft to enter the asteroid belt in the early seventies of the 20th century. They like to refer to themselves as members of a lost generation. They are a New Wave group from Subotica, and were previously known as Miške i drugari. Their concerts sweep dazzled audiences off their feet. And no wonder: amazing music, great lyrics and contemporary sounds, wrapped up in sweet nostalgia.

Pionir 10 are:
Guitar, vocals: Mihajlo Rodić
Keyboards, vocals: Daniela Mamuzić
Guitar: Predrag Vitner
Drums: Aleksa Otašević
Bass guitar: Petar Mitrić

Supported by: Turizem Ljubljana


28. 08. 2012


Mesarski most