City of Women: Lala Raščić: Modal Medley in Four Acts (Exoneration from Tradition)

Series of four performances

Modal Medley in Four Acts (Exoneration from Tradition) is an ambitious attempt at a mini-retrospective-on-stage crossing over to durational performance by Lala Raščić. The artist performs The Eumenides (2014), EE-0 (2018), GORGO (2020), and Počimalja – She Who Starts the Song (2022) back-to-back, delivering a combination of Greek myth, anarchist ideology, female rage, folkloric forms, and good old monodrama.

This medley of four performances maps Lala Raščić’s body of work, research, and interests of the last decade that has finally made the full circle from Balkan oral poetry to chthonic Greek goddesses, all in pursuit of exoneration from tradition.

Yes, the narration of myths is not without consequence for the one who recites, but especially for those who listen. – Lala Raščić

In English with Slovenian subtitles.

Concept: Lala Raščić, Iva Kovač; director: Lala Raščić; script: Lala Raščić, Andreja Dugandžić (EE-0, Eumenides), Lala Raščić (GORGO); performers: Lala Rašćić, Azra Pondro; chorus in Eumenides: Tina Benko, Alenka Herman, Hrvoje Nikšić, Azra Pondro; sound design and live processing: Hrvoje Nikšić; cinematography: Ivan Slipčević; artistic advisor: Valentina Lacmanović; speech coach: Anita Tripalo; technical advisor: Ivan Marušić Klif; costumes: Marijana Kramarić – Citoyenne K; fabrication of copper props: Nermina Beba Alić; live subtitling: Domen Kavčič; executive producer: Petra Begović, organisation: City of Women in co-operation with Old Power Station; support: Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana.

Production: Modal Medley in Four Acts: City of Women; The Eumenides: Lala Raščić in collaboration with Black Water & Her Daughter (Ilvana Dizdarević, Andreja Dugandžić) and Midi Brigade (Nedim Čišić); EE-0: KADIST (Paris) and Lumbardhi Foundation (Prizren) as part of the project Not Fully Human, Not Human at All, which is part of the Europa Enterprise project founded by Andreja Duganđžić, Jelena Petrović and Lala Raščić; GORGO: Lala Raščić with the support of MSURS (Banja Luka) and Röda Sten Konsthall (Gothenburg); Počimalja: Udruga Domino (Zagreb).


09. 12. 2022


18:00 - 21:00


10 € / 7 €


Stara mestna elektrarna