Camille Boitel: L’IMMÉDIAT

Friday, August 24th at 8 pm and Saturday, August 25th at 8 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Pulling through chaos
The French contemporary circus performer and stage virtuoso Camille Boitel is an old acquaintance of the Mladi levi festival. His award-winning performance L’Immédiat will breathe life into the magical stage of objects, where nothing is what it seems. Seven young acrobats will draw on their breathtaking physical abilities to defy the ruthless tsunami of destabilizing forces amidst a chaotic reality. Every object and every movement fights against the forces of gravity, released time and time again by Mother Earth in order to keep us bound to her bosom. What you’re about to experience is philosophy in movement; a circus performance, bursting with surrealist imagery, black humour, apocalypse and optimism. Poetry. Magic.

Performers: Camille Boitel, Marine Broise, Aldo Thomas, Pascal Le Corre, Thomas de Broissia, Marion Lefèbvre, Jacques Benoit Dardant
Construction:members of the company with the help of Jérémie Garry, Benoît Finker, Thomas de Broissia, Martin Gautron
Stage manager from a distance: Martine Staerk
Lightning design: Benoit Fincker
Outside eye: Nicole Gautier
Production and distribution: L’Immédiat, Si Par Hasard

65 minutes


24. 08. 2012


Stara mestna elektrarna