Camille Boitel: L’HOMME IMMEDIAT

Camille Boitel, who was already very successful with his performance L’Homme d’Hus five years ago at the Železniški muzej in Ljubljana, will perform at the Mladi levi festival once again. Five years ago we called him an acrobat of the heart, as he moved and inspired many with his gentleness, which created the feeling that objects rearranged automatically, regarding to Camille; and that Camille himself realizes everything that crosses his mind in that moment. Camille was later a resident artist at Mladi levi festival. This year, he will present a performance without a finished set design, but with a completed dramaturgical frame. He will unite the performance with the new set design, when he will create it in Ljubljana. The making of the set design will be a work in progress: Camille will collect various rubbish and discarded objects around Ljubljana and will incorporate them into his set design. He said: “I’ll walk around the streets, asking people to donate chairs, tables and clothes – objects which they don’t need anymore, objects which I can carry and use. I’ll clean and tidy them and treat them as my partners.”
Camille is one of those artists who are driven by their sensibility and general intangible sensitivity toward an endless searching. He often makes puns regarding family name, boitel – boiteux (lame). Camille comes to Ljubljana, open for new experiences and everything he has, good or bad: “I am coming with my leaning man, with my crisis and my lazy man, I am coming with my insomnia and my panic, with my amnesia and my unbalance.”

Author and performer: Camille Boitel
Technical assistance: Bor Pungerčič, Grega Mohorčič

35 minutes


19. 08. 2008


Gledališče Glej