Branko Potočan & Fourklor: RUSTY TRUMPETS 2021

The 2005 performance Rusty Trumpets (Zarjavele trobente) was based on speaking without words. Accompanied by live music, dancers Primož Bezjak, Borut Bučinel, Tina Janežič, Gregor Luštek, Jana Menger, and Branko Potočan led the audience into the world of the circus. The performance was characterised by body control and “silent” communication with stage props, which requires true acrobatic skills from the performers on stage. Playing with the phrase “delati cirkus” (literally “making circus”, meaning “making a fuss”) through the synthesis of contemporary theatre, the lives of the little people, and a circus arena conjures up a circus tailored for the man. In the new version made 16 years later, author Branko Potočan tackles these values in a minimalistic way, with a touch of Felini humour and militant precision, revealing the magical properties of simple things and moments. In its revamped version and with new actors (with the exception of Branko Potočan and Jana Menger) in this post-pandemic reality, Rusty Trumpets 2021 will raise their voices once again.

“At the height of a long and hot summer it is time for¬—more circus! After successfully completing the first part, we are ready for the second part of the 14th edition of Klovnbuf Festival, which this year is all about the search for balance: between sky and earth, between circus and other genres, between the normality of yearning and the abnormality of being, of living. In the post-pandemic world, the little man is completely lost, so it is necessary to find a new balance of power, focusing on human virtues, values, skills, abilities, imagination, body, mind, and heart. This section will focus on Slovenian circus artists, with happening being concentrated in the Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana. ”

Information and ticket reservations:, 051 269 906.


01. 08. 2021