Saturday, August 29th at 6.00 pm
Studio tipoRenesansa

Teorija koja Hoda is a Belgrade-based platform for theoretical and art research that strives to develop critical and experimental practices in the performing arts. Đorđev, Ilić, Jovović and Popović are members of this platform. Bojan Đorđev – a theatre maker active in both the institutional and the independent scenes – is particularly interested in the concepts of collective authorship, experimental drama and postdramatic theatre.

The performance Nije to crvena, to je krv! will be adapted for the Ljubljana audience, taking on the format of a happening, which is to include a performance in the tipoRenesansa print shop. We shall first print the Yugoslav communist, partisan and revolutionary poetry in the print shop – which still has the original fonts used in partisan printing – while after the performance there’ll be room for poetry printing, poetry reading, distribution across Ljubljana and reflection.

Nije to crvena, to je krv! doesn’t stage poetry as an aestheticized historical echo, but asks questions about ideological value of it today. It creates its own conceptual landscapes by taking up Komelj’s thoughts from the book Kako misliti partizansko umetnost?/How to Think Partisan Art?, seeing partisan art as creating space for the not-yet-existing, the nexus of nothing and everything from the Internationale’s »we are nothing, let us be all«.

Research: Bojan Đorđev, Stipe Kostanić
Direction, adaptation: Bojan Đorđev
Stage design: Siniša Ilić
Movement: Selma Banich
Costume design: Maja Mirković
Production: Dragana Jovović
Speech coach: Dijana Marojević Diklić
Graphic design: Katarina Popović
Performers: Miloš Djurović, Ana Mandić, Miloš Timotijević
Master of guerilla print: Marko Drpić
Production: Teorija koja Hoda – TkH/Walking Theory
Co-production: Center for Cultural Decontamination
Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, EU Culture Programme in the frame of Create to Connect project, Heartefakt fund
Thanks to: Milan Milovanović, Jakov Munižaba
Tile inspired by: Marina Gržinić

Photo: Jelena Janković

150 minutes

The poems are in Slovene and Serbo-Croatian. A translation in English will be available.

The performance uses excerpts from the following anthologies: Pesniče, znaš svoj dug (Poet, You Know Your Debt), ed. Boško Bogetić (Belgrade: Rad, 1975); Poezija bunta i otpora (Poetry of Revolt and Resistance), eds. Zoran Gavrilović, Skender Kulenović, Stevan Raičković, and Svetislav Ristić (Belgrade: Prosveta, 1976); Ljudi (People), ed. Muharem Pervić (Belgrade: Komunist, 1969); and Ognjeni golub (Fire Dove), ed. Rafo Bogišić (Zagreb: Matica hrvatska, 1981).

The performance features works by the following poets: Kosta Abrašević (Red), Matej Bor (Treading, Treading), Branko Ćopić (Dead Proletarians’ Song), Oskar Davičo (Remembering the Captivity of Svetozar Marković), Mak Dizdar (Oblivion), Slavko Janevski (Echo of a Robber’s Song), Živko Jeličić (Mothers), Karel Destovnik Kajuh (To the Mother of a Fallen Partisan; Through Death We Enter Freedom; Our Song; Fierce Songs We’ll Sing), Jure Kaštelan (Songs about My Country; Typhoid Victims), Ivan Goran Kovačić (The Pit; Our Freedom; To Myself); Dušan Matić (A Lullaby for the Fallen Who Were No Older than Twenty), Vladimir Nazor (At Vučevo), Vasko Popa (The Eyes of Sutjeska), Jovan Popović (Sun in My Hands), Marko Ristić (Dawning Blood), Izet Sarajlić (Born in ’23, Shot in ’42); Aco Šopov (Love), Radonja Vešović (Sleeper; What Shall I Say to Your Mother), Slavko Vukosavljević (Kadinjača), and Oton Župančič (Poet, Do You Know Your Duty?)


29. 08. 2015