Substitute event – Everything We’ve Lost While We’ve Gone On Living

Everything you won’t lose, because instead of a performance, we organized a social discussion evening with music and sparkling wine

The hit of the collective Beton Ltd., Bunker and Anton Podbevšek Theatre, a performance about the personal transitions of the actors, of the performance and the transitions of our countries, will unfortunately not be performed in its integral form of a performance due to illness.

But – nothing should surprise us! We won’t lose anything!

The performance offers a wonderful springboard for pre-New Year gatherings and celebrations, during which you will hear a conversation about the making of the performance and all the anecdotes, the insights into the Yugoslav entertainment industry, stories and facts about ruins and architectural heritage. There will be “surprise interventions” and a quiz with rich prizes.

To soften the sadness of the performance, which we will miss this time because we will live, we will bring sparkling wine on carts, serve canapés and play the amazing music from the performance.

Host of the evening: Klemen Kovačič
Guests of the evening: Katarina Stegnar, Primož Bezjak, Miloš Kosec, Ana Hofman

Everyone who has already bought tickets will be refunded, entry is free for everyone, you can make a voluntary contribution, which we will immediately invest in the future.

More information and reservation of free tickets:


14. 12. 2023




Vstop je prost./Free entry.


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