Barbara Novakovič Kolenc: PROJEKT RODIN II


Rodin II is the sequence to the project Rodin I by Boris Mihalj, where the performers embodied Rodin’s statues and the lives of Rodin and his companions. Rodin I found a form of common ground between performance and static visual art, both presented in an art gallery. The idea which connects both projects is Rodin’s aesthetics, which was in stark contrast to the criteria of that time, which were perfect and proportional, it was real and alive. Rodin II is dedicated more to the performative aspect, also stressed by the fact that it premiered on a stage. At the same time it researches the confrontation of different movements, dancers and people with motor dyscoordination disorder are together on stage. They all enter to the outlined space on the stage and search for the “right” movement.

Performers: Daphne Favreliere, Bara Kolenc, Manca Krnel, Irena Tomažin, Katarina Bulič, Iztok Gubanc, Dalibor Nedić, Nina Nestorović, Robert Vardijan, Dare Pavlin
Set design and directed by: Barbara Novakovič Kolenc
Dramaturgy: Magdalena Lupi
Costume design: Barbara Stupica
Sound desing: Blaž Peršin
Lighting design: Borut Bučinel
Production: Muzeum, Ljubljana
In cooperation with: Center Sonček

35 minutes


20. 08. 2007


Stara mestna elektrarna