Anton Pavlovič Čehov & Maruša Kink: THREE SISTERS

Meeting point: Parmova 23

Maruša Kink is finishing her master’s program of directing at Academy of theatre, radio, film and television; but she entered the theatre and theatre directing through acting. She works as a theatre director in Margareta Schwarzwald Institute which she co‑founded and where she works as Artistic Director. She is still acting and directing for youth and adults and cooperated with repertory theatres and the independent scene.
Chekhov represents a challenge to any author; how to stage this theatrical canon in a way that it becomes fresh and up‑to‑date again, and is not suffocated by the anon of all previous enactments. Three years ago, the Mladi levi festival was opened by the performance What if They Went to Moscow, a remake of Three Sisters by Christiane Jatahy, a play in a fresh format, with parallel and multi-layered film and theatre action, which was filled with yearning of Moscow, of something else, something different. The adaptation and staging by Maruša Kink is also bold, not afraid to intervene in the text. It transforms the protagonists to the present time, the actors switch between characters, and the play is moved outside of the theatre. It is performed in the premises next to the railway, close to the Railway Museum, which used to be one of the festival’s home places. In the performance about longing to leave, yearning for something else, the millieu of the play, marked both by the place and by the sounds of trains, may remind us that we are looking at life, here, in front of us, while trains are passing by.

Direction: Maruša Kink
Performing: Daša Doberšek, Jure Kopušar, Matija Vastl, Lucija Tratnik, Aja Kobe
Musician: Danijel Bogataj
Dramaturgy: Nika Leskovšek
Costumes and set design: Tina Bonča
Executive producer: Mija Špiler
Produced by: Zavod Margareta Schwarzwald, AGRFT

Foto: Željko Stevanić, Arhiv CTF UL AGRFT

Performance is in Slovene with English surtitles.

90 minutes


26. 08. 2017