Following their intervention in public space Chameleons, Anti Status Quo will also contribute to the festival with a choreographic installation, which is a good representation of their style, or their creative method that connects visual art, contemporary dance, research, philosophy …

Of Flesh and Concrete is a choreographic installation of bodies and garbage. First, the audience is anonymized, and then becomes part of the moving (or evading) mass that follows the transformations of the shapes generated by behavior, bodies and garbage. Through the gradually evolving relation between the audience, performers and objects, choreography is being created, which incorporates the entire space, the audience and garbage in addition to the bodies. Of Flesh and Concrete is a simultaneous experience of despair due to infinite consumption, waste and devastation and the vitality of carnality; it is an inquiry of human condition that raises questions about living in society and how the current economic system shapes our behavior; it is also a physical journey among bodies and garbage, since the audience is exposed to both, and our cooperation maybe trains us how to shift away from the status quo.

  • Artistic director, choreography and concept: Luciana Lara
  • Research and creation: Luciana Lara in colaboration with dancers and invited artists
  • Dance: Camilla Nyarady, Cristhian Cantarino, Déborah Alessandra, João Lima, Luciana Matias, Marcia Regina, Roberto Dagô, Robson Castro
  • Research and creation collaborators: Camilla Nyarady, Carolina Carret, Cristhian Cantarino, João Lima, Luara Learth, Raoni Carricondo, Robson Castro, Vinícius Santana
  • Invited process collaborators: Marcelo Evelin, Gustavo Ciríaco, Denise Stutz
  • Costumes and masks: Luciana Lara and dancers
  • Light design consultants: James Fensterseifer, Marcelo Augusto
  • Production: Marconi Valadares
  • Local co-ordinator: Klara Drnovšek Solina


01. 09. 2018


21:30 - 23:40


ŠD Tabor