Allan Sekula & Noël Burch: THE FORGOTTEN SPACE film

The Forgotten Space is the latest film project by Noël Burch, film theorist and filmmaker, and Allan Sekula, photographer, writer, critic, and filmmaker, whose creative and research opus is marked by “the imaginary and material geographies of the advanced capitalist world”.
If the performance Said to Contain captures transport, logistics and modern capitalism through the optics of container and by means of theatre, The Forgotten Space approaches the same topic by means of film. A poetic film essay, awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, that brings before our eyes the things that are not really hidden, but certainly distant from our view.

Directors: Allan Sekula & Noël Burch
Producers: Frank van Reemst, Joost Verheij
Co-producers: Vincent Lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger
Script: Allan Sekula & Noël Burch
Directors of photography: Attila Boa, Wolfgang Thaler
Sound engineers: Eckehard Braun & Joe Knauer
Sound design: Mark Glynne
Music: Riccardo Tesi & Louis Andriessen
Editor: Menno Boerema
Production company: Doc.Eye Film
Co-production company: WILDart FILM

Foto: The Forgotten Space

The film is in different languages with English subtitles.

113 minutes


26. 08. 2017


ŠD Tabor