Aljoša Ternovšek, Sebastijan Horvat, Matjaž Latin, Andreja Kopač: WAS IST MARIBOR?

Thursday, August 23rd at 8.30 pm
The platform by the Slovene Etnographic Museum

Proletarians of the world
The documentary performance Was ist Maribor? is dedicated to the rise and especially the fall of the greatest Maribor-based industrial giant: the Maribor Automobile and Motorcycle Factory (TAM), which at its height provided a livelihood for more than ten thousand workers. TAM was what you might call a country within a country. A giant. However, the factory gradually turned into a plundered and ravished industrial landscape due to financial and political agendas that came into being during the transitional era, whereas the workers, selflessly devoted to the factory and to their work, were left with a loss of rights and words. Until now that is. They have finally been given the opportunity to speak up and reveal the truth about the course of their destinies, which seems to contain even more cruelty and drama than any made-up drama could handle. There are real-life victims here. And real-life executioners. This is a dramatic documentary of sincerity and sad absurdity about the times we live in; work is no longer considered a value here and greed no longer counts as a deadly sin.

Authors: Aljoša Ternovšek, Sebastijan Horvat, Matjaž Latin, Andreja Kopač
Hosts: Ida Baš and Dušan Tomažič
Performing: Moški pevski zbor Slava Klavora, Pihalni orkester Svoboda, Galina Čajka and invited guests
Journalist collaborators and researchers: Alma Sedlar, Vasja Jager
Video: Nejc Saje
Music: Sebastijan Duh
Graphic designer and photographer: Matjaž Wenzel
Technical director: Igor Remeta
Producer: Maks Soršak
Organiser: Slavko Škvorc
Production: KUD BORZA
Supported by: Maribor 2012
In collaboration with: Cona Tezno, Pokrajinski muzej Maribor, RTV Slovenija (Regionalni center Maribor), Radio Center, Europlakat
Translation to English language: Ajda Šoštarič

80 minutes
Performance is in Slovene with English subtitles


23. 08. 2012


Ploščad SEM