Aleksandar Georgiev: THRESHOL (in process D)

Does it hurt yet?
Aleksandar Georgiev comes from Macedonia, where he was involved in Latinamerican and folklore dances, performing them in a rather unique, Macedonian style. He has nearly finished his degree in dance theatre at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, and has also been a participant of a Dance Academy educational program. His debut Treshol (in process D) was presented to the public for the first time within the framework of Short cuts 09, the final artistic event of the nomad academy in Ljubljana. There are three other dance nomads appearing in the performance, who share Georgiev’s educational experience in contemporary dance while travelling across the Balkans. Aleksandar Georgiev has dedicated the performance of Treshol (in process D) to his play with the idea of pain. What amount of stimuli does it take for a person to feel pain? How much pain can one stand? Dancers explore the limits of pain and tolerance as a motor of moving gestures and actions, as a basis for establishing relations between them on the one hand and for transgressing into various psychophysical states. Pain is so much easier to accept when the latter carries some kind of purpose and constitutes a part of a playful experiment. Is pain something one grows accustomed to, does one become less sensitive to it?

Creation: Aleksandar Georgiev
Performers: Aleksandar Georgiev, Martina Nevistić, Igor Koruga, Ruta Nordmane
Light design: Jaka Sotlar

30 minutes


28. 08. 2009


Plesni teater