We will start from a mapping of the research conducted by almost a hundred researchers in more than 20 destinations (the partners of the trans-making project) in Europe and around the world. This mapping will provide an image of the European and global context, of the tensions that cross this world around cultural and artistic issues.

Between 4 and 6 researchers and artists will present their research as a starting point for a collective conversation on experiences proposed by an inventive and agile civil society which opens up new political directions.

Some directions of this workshop are already emerging:

*How feelings are transformed into objects that convey a new political dimension?

  • the archive and object that conveys memory
  • the archive and object that conveys new social practices
  • the archive and object that invests political in the public space

*What role emotions and empathy play today in a culture of welcome?

What motivates social engagement and how new forms of care and solidarity can be developed and introduced

We would also open up to other themes, immigration, the evolution of public liberties and freedom of association … that will make this workshop a political and artistic conversation strongly rooted in contemporary civil practices.


30. 08. 2019


9:30 - 12:30


Sindikalna dvorana Elektro Ljubljana