Come and join us for the opening of the 26th international Mladi Levi Festival, on 18 August 2023 from 6:00 pm onwards in the Športno društvo Tabor halls and its playground.
We’re opening the festival with the first insights of the festival days ahead: The festival journey starts at 6:00 pm with the intimate audio performance Not to Scale by Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton, which will accompany the festival until its final day. Gregor Zorc will also kickstart the festival at 6:00 pm with Human Territory and its reference to a deer – the subject title appearing in two forthcoming festival performances. In cooperation with local vocalists, the international co-production by Francesca Grilli, Record, will premiere at 7:30 pm. The young musician Minnite is scheduled to perform at 8:00 pm and heat up the atmosphere for DJ Raketa to take over and open the dancefloor from 9:30 pm onwards.
The traditional cooking workshop by the chef Primož Dolničar and ladies from the Daily Activities Centre for the Elderly will provide the festival snacks.