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Dear writers, dear colleagues!

As everything else, the programme at the Old Power Station has been temporarily coronically ground to a halt – and with it, Criterion ( The last performance, Station Selbstsein by Klemen Janežič, was probably one of the last shows performed on the eve the epidemic was declared. Muanis Sinanović already wrote about the performance and captured the unusual situation in which it took place:

The aim of Criterion is to reflect on the Old Power Station’s programme, which is currently nonexistent. Since we want to keep the medium alive and offering work opportunities, we invite you to write, taking into account the following three subject areas:

  • Theatre is moving online – many theatres are currently offering their production online. What does this mean for the future of the art that is so profoundly marked by its ephemerality, live presence, physicality? What does this mean in terms of evaluation of such works?
  • Reviews of online performances performed in the Old Power Station or produced by Bunker – we are currently publishing our production online; you are invited to write about the performances, e.g. about the Lyrical Minutes in the City phenomenon, performances by Beton Ltd., etc., or about the Old Power Station and the various aspects of its production .
  • Post‑Corona Old Power Station (here, the Old Power Station can only serve as an example for the entire field of art, the entire NGO field, the entire field of theatre and contemporary dance, etc.); visions, fears, worries, anxieties, suggestions, projections …

Articles will be proofread and paid. Anyone interested in writing, please contact Alma R. Selimović, editor of Criterion, at

You don’t have to be a well‑established writer to participate, and not necessarily involved in the field of art.

In these complex times, we wish you pessimism of the intellect, but optimism of the will!

And we look forward to reading from you!

Bunker Team