Organic waste, VN Lab public presentation 2019

The production involves three collective situations that treat the human body as the basic source of “dirt” in the ideological, biological and cultural sense of the word. The big battle with planetary pollution is today gradually turning into ideological moralism. But the body exists outside the rules of morality, remains “dirty” and stubbornly resists any ideology. Staging situations devised by Kristina Aleksova, Anita Wach, Olja Grubić Performers: Sara Horžen, Mitja Lovše, Medea Novak, Miša Gams, Anita Wach, Kristina Aleksova, Olja Grubić Mentor: Bojan Jablanovec Production: Via Negativa Partner: Zavod Bunker Producer: Špela Trošt The VN Lab is the Via Negativa laboratory for performing arts, in which we deal with the questions why and what to perform. Lab is organized as a series of six workshops connected into a continuous creative process and is open to all who wish to develop their own projects, creative processes and to explore strategies of contemporary performing arts. More:

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