Institute 8th March: The right to choose – the year 2022

At the level of legislation and in comparison with the countries of the Western world, Slovenia is considered one of the countries with a better systemic regulation of reproductive rights; various forms of contraception are available legally and financially, and the constitution also guarantees free decision-making on abortion. The 8th March Institute prepared an analysis of the position of the current political parties on reproductive rights - especially on the availability of abortion and contraception, access to information, as well as access to a gynecologist and the use of paternity leave. They have gathered their findings as well as the reflections of some social scientists in the publication The Right to Choose - the year 2022, which will be presented at the event. Guests: Dr. Eva D. Bahovec, philosopher dr. Rajko Muršič, cultural anthropologist Luka Lukic, journalist The event will be moderated by Tina Tomšič, member of the 8 March Institute's program committee. The creation of the publication was supported by Planned Parenthood.

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