29 – 30 August 2019

In the frame of the Festival Mladi Levi we are preparing a summer forum together with the partners of trans-making network – two days, dedicated to lectures, debates, thoughts. Hannah Arendt defines culture as the relationship between society and its objects. As she explains, culture is neither society nor art, nor religion, nor entertainment, nor sports, but the nature of the relation of one to the other, of society to its objects. The trans-making forum aims to research the attitude and relations between the society, its ideas, stories, products (including art) and material objects, and to examine the idea of emotional materialism from different angles.



26 and 27 August 2016

Mark Twain’s quote “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” has its dark side. Cognitive science is increasingly establishing that facts don’t necessarily affect our perception of reality. Translating this into the language of mythology, one could say that myths are impervious to the negating and exposing power of fact, no matter how irrefutable.


22 – 23 April 2015

The tight relationship between different communities and artistic production is as old as art itself. Artists have worked in them, with them and for them. Because of the everchanging meanings and relationship, we can look at this specific relation from different perspectives but in this edition of the conference, we have put a strong emphasis on participatory artistic approaches that involve communities directly. Not to promote them without reservations but to assess them critically and see the limitations of the approach as well as its implications for the artists and the targeted communities.


23 – 25 May 2014

Still Ready to Change?
 forum picks up where the Ready to Change? organized by Bunker and Sostenuto partners in 2010 left off – with the potential for change.

It seems like the multitude is still searching for a different reality than the one we’re living now, even if without a clear idea of how this different reality should look or how we can achieve it. The natural resources we are using are diminishing by the minute but we nevertheless continue with the same unsustainable practices that we are comfortable with.


2 – 4 December 2010

Numerous artistic and cultural actors in the Mediterranean area, in Europe, and throughout the world have noticed the important changes in our societies and the difficulties resulting from these changes. As experimenters and explorers, they are putting their efforts into proposing new ways of operating in the cultural sector and beyond.