Za crknt: Afterparty

A wonderful day to meet Cat Woman and the Only Living Diva, or meet them again if you already know them, and discover a new theater genre with them: contemporary reality. With “Mis mis mis mis mis mis” performed by Cat Woman and “Let’s think about it some more” performed by the Only Living Diva, we experience the stretching and slowing down of time, so that time is no longer what it used to be.

An Afterparty is a performance that happens after the performance. The in-between space and time when the theatrical persona still lives, but the performance has long since ended. The persona remains as a memory, a constant, a line that is impossible to separate from reality, as it is woven into and throughout life.

The Only Living Diva no longer pretends that reality is a place without spectators and performances. With this realization, she decides to deal with it in a performative way – with a theatrical suicide, the title of which is “Let’s think about it some more.”

Cat Woman takes us to an even more distant and ambiguous form, where we no longer know whether the character is a real person who entered the theatre or a theatrical persona who found herself in the theatre. With the characteristic interjection “mis mis mis mis mis”, she is looking for her illusion, or just bringing her reality closer to the audience. Each of us knows her – the cat woman from our neighborhood.

Afterparty is the title of a new series of performances by Za crknt.

Cast: The Only Living Diva and Cat Woman. One works, the other watches. And vice versa.
Production: Society for Contemporary Clown Art /
Co-production: Škuc Association
In collaboration with Jambor space (Ljubljana), l’Ex Asilo Filangieri (Naples) and Škuc gallery (Ljubljana)


06. 05. 2024


20:00 - 22:00


10€ / 7€


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