What is happening with cultural education in Europe?

Why is arts education in schools important? How can cultural institutions enter the schooling system? How are educational and cultural sector connected? What are examples of good practices abroad and what are the challenges producers face with their work? How should this field be supported on a systematic level?

Glej Theatre is inviting you for a discussion about arts education with focus on performative arts with international guests from Scotland, Netherlands, Finland and Slovenia. We will present audience building strategies, community based practices with youth from unprivileged environment, talk about different aspect of direct social work in theatre in speak with young participants of such programmes.


Ruth Hollyman, Creative Director, Strange Town
Joyce Tuut, Artistic director, Theatership
Jani Lastuniemi, Project Manager, FSU
Tereza Gregorič, dramaturge and project manager of AMO, SNG Nova Gorica
Inga Remeta, chairwoman and program manager, Glej Theatre
Sandra Jenko, curator and pedagogue, SLOGI

Moderated by Tjaša Pureber, Glej Theatre

Discussion is in English, there will be a translation in Slovenian.

After the discussion join us for a showing of international youth devised coproduction, produced within 4ID project, supported by European Union Erasmus+ programme.

Information and organization: Gledališče Glej


25. 10. 2019




Free entry


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