The events will be held in English.

Pia Brezavšček: The Communal Creation of Yugofuturism: Searching for Strategies to Create an Imaginary of Another Possible (Feminist) Future

In this lecture, Pia Brezavšček will summarise the insights proposed by artists and writers when invited by Maska to reflect on what could be the new proposed contemporary Neo-Futurist movement in the Balkan region – Yugofuturism. The latter, like other Neo-Futurist movements, especially Afrofuturism, seeks to affirm its own voice and thus create a possible future where there is supposedly none. It is a creative strategy that uses past possibilities as well as fictions to construct a future world that is not necessarily a utopia, a perfect flawless world, but one in which we have evolved and learned to strategically use failure to better deal with the adversities to come. Yugofuturism is neither a politics of assimilation nor of acceleration, but an affirmation of the marginal as such, with all the paradoxes of self-colonisation it entails. It is a feminist vision, as it takes into account and uses the regionally specific liberation struggles of women and learns from its shortcomings and battles won. Because the internet is now understood as a cybertopia hijacked and monopolised by multinational tech giants, Yugofuturism develops a parallel online micro-community that practices a democratic vision of joyful co-creation of a movement for a (albeit hopeless) future.

Rok Kranjc: Performative Utopias: Pre-experiencing Worlds beyond Capitalism

In this lecture, we will delve into the interplays between performating arts, experiential futures, and radical alternative political-economic paradigms such as degrowth and the commons. We will explore the conceptual foundations, methodologies and collective strategies associated with envisioning and enacting alternatives to capitalism. Our focus will be on interactive performative expressions of alternative economic systems and speculative everyday lives within them. Throughout, we will explore how these practices, which constitute and embody a particular politics of anticipation, possess the capacity to challenge prevailing discourses and power structures, interweave and amplify the voices of marginalized communities, and promote tangible change in the real world.



27. 09. 2023


14:00 - 16:00


10 € dnevna vstopnica / day pass


Stara mestna elektrarna