Siniša Labrović: CLOSET

Siniša Labrović is an artist of visual arts, body art and performances in public space, through which he addresses the neuralgic points of society in a critical and humorous way. He comes to the Mladi Levi festival with a performative installation in which a closet will become his temporary home.
The parable of a closet as an object located in the intimate part of our lives raises various considerations. Everyone has a skeleton hidden in their closet, whether it is our sexual orientation or a religious, political or ethical belief. We can also be forced to »live in the closet« by poverty, illness, the feeling that we are unwelcome in society, either because of our skin colour, our origin, or our personality… Another strong incentive for Labrović to act was the coronavirus pandemic, in which people became an imminent threat to each other by their very presence, where the complete absence of physical contact and confinement in our small »closets« are the ideal dystopia of life.
The closet that Siniša Labrović will move into on the first day of the festival will stand in front of the court in the Miklošič Park, where homeless people – people who live their invisible lives off the social radar, in the »closets« of our society – have also found their home.

The hidden life of Siniša Labrović will be broadcast online 24–7, until the end of the festival, when he will finally – come out of the closet.

Link to online broadcast from the closet will be published at Bunker’s web site.

Author: Siniša Labrović
Executive producer: Barbara Zonta
Set design: Igra I2R
Supported by: Evropska unija – Program Ustvarjalna Evropa, Kultura, Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

Information:, 00386 51 269 906.


28. 08. 2021


All Day


Miklošičev park