Peter Mlakar: SAMENESS – EQUALITY. The Living Proof.

performance (UD)

In countless symbolic practices and everyday verbal relations, we constantly encounter misunderstandings of the concepts of identicalness/sameness and equality. If we can say that the human brain is merely the structure of specific amino acids in its genome which, at a certain stage of its development and arrangement, create self-awareness, and that therefore a person who has been created in the cloning process from the same genetic material as his original, things become more complicated when we ask whether this equal person is also the same person, i.e. identical to his original, his own matrix. If the clone thinks, is conscious, it is biochemically – dare we say it – the same as its Cause, but not in the sense of his self, his consciousness. It is therefore a demonstration that the material hypostasis, which offers elements of the same in the creation of the human lookalike, i.e. the clone, cannot at the same time offer the sameness of its consciousness, its self, its self-consciousness with the original.
The test or proof that identity is in difference with sameness will be based on an experiment with two identical women, one of whom is the original and the other her copy.


Author: Peter Mlakar
Assistant: Ervin Markošek
Production: Maska Ljubljana


27. 09. 2023




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