Nina Rajić Kranjac: SOLO – SOLD OUT

We will not present Nina Rajić Kranjac, you will learn about her biography in the performance. Let’s just say that she is a wunderkind, even more – a theatre wunderkind. It is a solo performance, only with four other actors in addition to Nina Rajić Kranjac; it is an autobiography, but we learn more about theatre and other people than about Nina Rajić Kranjac; it is a performance, but at the same time invaded by life; it is the end of her career, but at the same time… it seems as just another step to success. What is most shocking is that it is a performance about … her. Nina Rajić Kranjac. The ultimate feminist gesture – when did any (young) woman dare to make a performance about herself, to demand the whole production polygon and full attention from the audience for the entire night, to tell »her story«, and from others to also tell – her story? Of course, the performance is full of wonderfully spicy details, dramatic twists, new information, excesses, good music, conflicts, love, friendship, shame, and life awkwardness, but all in all, it is really an emotional landscape in which we drift from anxiety to euphoria, from emptiness to (anti)climaxes. Feelings are faster than reason – but that is exactly why we surrender so completely, because even if we cannot identify with her (she is a wonder woman and a genius, after all), we can feel and think about theatre with her. Solo is a completely unnecessary performance, another one about theatre and theatre creators, but that’s precisely why it is necessary and invaluable!

Idea, concept and execution: Nina Rajić Kranjac, Nataša Keser, Benjamin Krnetić, Minca Lorenci, Marko Mandić
Set design: Urša Vidic
Composer: Branko Rožman
Costume design: Marina Sremac
Musicians: Petra Božič & Branko Rožman
Choice of music: Nina Rajić Kranjac
Technicians: Martin Lovšin, Klemen Švikart
Producer: Tina Dobnik
Assistent producer and stage manager: Dafne Jemeršič
PR and video materials: Urška Comino, Borut Bučinel, Alja Lobnik
Co-produced by: Maska Ljubljana & Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (Nova pošta)
Supported by: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana

360 minutes

Performance is in Slovenian.

Photo by: Anamarija Šiša

Information and ticket reservations:, 00386 51 269 906.


21. 08. 2021






Nova pošta