Simona Semenič: The Second Time

The performance the second time that premiered on the 20th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women in 2014 is a sequel to her first solo; where the first solo ends, the second one begins. Literally. “Let me smoke,” the last line in the performance I, Victim. is the first line in the performance the second time. Simona recounts her recent years during which she has been coping – in one way or the other –with the aggravation of her epilepsy and – what else? – the health system.

Written, directed: Simona Semenič
Performed by: Simona Semenič
Concept and visual design: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar
Lighting design: Andrej Petrovčič
Dramaturgy and emotional support: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar, Simona Hamer, Rok Vevar
Production: City of Women and KD Integrali Association.


29. 08. 2020




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