Nataša Živković: Dodgeball


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“I’d hate to be that apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.”

Performance Dodgeball is the final part of the trilogy, staging family constellations daughter–mother, daughter–father, and daughter (as mother)–child. After the performances For Father’s Sake and First Love’s Second Chance (Getting Over Heintje), the protagonist now steps into the role of mother, (ex)partner and artist. Dodgeball is an intimate story, a woman’s monologue, split into two voices that each in their own way experience the deep cut into the biography of a family, namely its disintegration. It is a reflection on the idea and the real troubles of the “typical family” displaying the stereotypes of a heterosexual partnership along with related womanhood, manhood and parental roles.

Idea: Nataša Živković
Concept: Nataša Živković, in collaboration with Tomaž Grom, Tjaša Črnigoj and Špela Trošt;
Dramaturgical consultant: Tjaša Črnigoj
Text: Nataša Živković and Tjaša Črnigoj
Recording: Maša Nonković, Ana Čigoj
Editing and sound composition: Tomaž Grom
Performers: Ava Abramovici Reba, Bela Abramovici Reba, Mila Bezjak Stegnar, Teodora Novaković, Julija Ornik, Neli Banič, Vasja Fon, Ema Baša Poderžaj, Filip Pepelnik Čučnik, Taras Ždrale, Uma Pečarič, Nil Seliškar, Čarna  Košir, Svarun Košir, Lav Janković, Frida Kapun, Irina Kapun and Nataša Živković
Production: Špela Trošt, Via Negativa, in collaboration with City of Women and Bunker – Old Power Station; Support: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture.


06. 10. 2020




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