Maska .. 100 Years. 200 Issues at the Indigo Festival

When a phenomenon in culture celebrates 100 years since its inception, we immediately think of something solid, stable, an object, architecture or an institution. An art magazine is surely not among our first thoughts, especially nowadays when thoughts on art receive the minimum possible allotted space. Maska, a journal dedicated to scenic art, was first published in 1920, while its 200th issue is to be published in 2020. It never had any solid institutional foundation, even today its publisher is Maska, a precarious non-governmental organisation. In its struggle for autonomy, it always resisted regulations, standardisation, and indexation. “We are not afraid: with this thought, we bravely go in all directions of this, now demolished, world”, were the words written in the first issue, a hundred years ago.
We are meeting so that we could also meet in a 100 years!

The conference is part of the programme, with which Maska institute is commemorating 100th anniversary of Maska magazine’s first issue, and the release of its 200th issue. The conference will begin with a call to action, “There is no return to self-management, self-management is the only possible future”.

Thursday, 10 September 2020
► 10 am: Maska: In Times Past, Here and Now, Some Day Somewhere, opening address
Pia Brezavšček, Janez Janša, Alja Lobnik

► 11 am: Bojana Cvejić in and Bojana Kunst: Life, Care, Safe, and Destruction 
Moderated by Katja Čičigoj

► 2.30 pm: Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez: What was happening here, was never normal anyway
Katja Kobolt: Curating as (anti)social practice
Moderated by Maja Murnik

► 4 pm: Tomislav Medak: No Return to Self-management, Self-management is the Only Way Forward
Branislav Jakovljević: Experimental Ownership: Immaterial Labor and Socially Owned Property
Moderated by Jasmina Založnik


Due to the ever-changing coronavirus situation, the event calendar is not yet final. Please follow for regular updates about the programme and any changes. We ask that you follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health.


10. 09. 2020




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