Marko Pogačnik: Creating Gaia Culture


“Because I want to contribute to the emergence of a fundamentally different human culture, I have decided to propose these efforts for the 2006–2023 project. This means that I have promised, as these 17 years unfold, to develop the blueprint for a new kind of culture on Earth and to publish it by 2023.” Marko Pogačnik

Since the third millennium, we have witnessed the rapid degradation of the Earth’s ecosystems and the growing problems of modern civilisation. Pogačnik is convinced that the three-dimensional planet Earth cannot be “fixed” because it is fundamentally a creation of the human mind. The aim of the project Creating Gaia Culture – Gaia/Gea as the ancient Greek name for Earth – is to develop direct communication with the consciousness of the Earth and, with small groups of dedicated people, to form a new civilisation in cooperation with Gaia and her co-creators of the multidimensional Earth universe. The Greeks saw the Earth not only as a planet covered in matter, but also as a form of consciousness of divine nature.

Pogačnik realised the project in the form of a Geo-culture Manifesto, which he wrote in charcoal on the wall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana as part of the exhibition Emergency Exit (2021–2022). In the same period, he also published a book in three languages, Ustvarimo kulturo Gaje – Die Gaiakultur erschaffen – Creating Gaia Culture.


Author: Marko Pogačnik
Production: Maska Ljubljana


28. 09. 2023




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