Leja Jurišić, Milko Lazar: DE FACTO (go with yourself)

Trigger 2020

Coexistence as a foundation: here the De facto (Go With Yourself) concert performance is constructed. Leja Jurišič and Milko Lazar can’t and won’t bypass the contemporary apathy and alienation. They seek for the truth while simultaneously rejecting totality and totalitarianism of sense. Coexistence is crucial for this journey. On the podium, covered with the image of Michelangelo’s Last Judgement, a compact stage entity is unwinding, built on an idiosyncratic dialogue between the musician and the dancer who explore their own authorial positions in this hybrid – and thus unstable – theatrical form. They immerse themselves and us in spontaneous interactions with the Other, both at the immediate level of movement and sound and at the level where their relation mutates into an allegory of a wider social condition. De Facto (Go With Yourself) thus maps the terrain for a quest for truth in the post-factual world; the truth as reflected in the stage presence of an untamed female body and a deconstructed sound matrix, which in front of the audience develop into a sensual manifestation of longing, passion, and courage.

Authors: Leja Jurišić, Milko Lazar
Music: Milko Lazar
Choreography, dance: Leja Jurišić
Scenography, lighting, design, costume design: Petra Veber
Producer: Žiga Predan
Production: Pekinpah, Leja Jurišić
Co-Production: Cankarjev dom


29. 08. 2020




Stara mestna elektrarna