The name of the Old Power Station makes it an ideal place for a concert by Katalena – the band that comes from Ljubljana and plays Slovenian folk music. For twenty-two years, Catalena has been creating through the exploration of old music and ancient motifs, which they transform into modern clothes with original designs. Their stories sometimes smell like meadows, other times like asphalt and concrete, but for Katalena to sound like they do, of course they need electricity. The concert outposts of Katalena’s electric journey have not yet been counted, it’s easier to count the albums – nine of them have been accumulated in all these years. The repertoire of the October concert in the Old Power Station will consist of all nine. But to make it full, in the afternoon (at 5.00 p.m.) they will also perform a concert for children and those who still know how to be one. Of course, with an emphasis on Enci benci Katalenci and Kekec records.

Vesna Zornik: lead vocals, backing vocals
Polona Janežič: piano, keyboards, psaltery, backing vocals
Boštjan Gombač: clarinet, saxophones, krilovka, theremin, ukulele, tin pipes, fujara, trombone, backing vocals
Tibor Mihelič Syed: bass guitar, gimbri, ukulele, guitar, backing vocals
Boštjan Narat: guitar, banjo, backing vocals
Robert Rebolj: drums, percussion


19. 10. 2023




18€ predprodaja / 20€ na dan dogodka

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