Joana Serra & Urša Sekirnik: The Queueing Survival Kit

In December, we planned the premiere of the Fent cua / While Waiting project, produced by Urša Sekirnik and Joana Serra, in the production of the Emanat Institute. As an alternative to the performance, the authors developed the Queueing Survival Kit, which comprises of a booklet, audio material and a little surprise that can help you survive the excruciatingly annoying waiting.
So that the Kit could truly serve its purpose, the authors suggest that you take it with you next time you expect to wait for example at the bank, post office or the dentist’s.You can order the package through the Emanat website or pick it up in person on 14th December from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Old Power Station. You can also order it as a gift and we will send it by post. You can get it for yourself, or surprise a friend that especially hates to wait.

Order the package via (pre-paid by invoice).
Price for the package is 5 EUR, in December the postage cost is on us!

Concept: Joana Serra Forasté and Urša Sekirnik
Texts: Urša Sekirnik, Joana Serra and Carlota Grau Bagès
Music: Joan Cot Ros
Audio recordings: Urša Sekirnik, Sergio Roca Saiz and Blaž Šef
Proofreading: Katja Kosi
Graphic design: Špela Drašlar
Print and fold: Maruji
Edition: 200 copies

Special thanks to: Blaž Šef, Sergio Roca Saiz and Laura Vilardebò


14. 12. 2020


11:00 - 18:00