Ine Ubben holds a master’s degree in Devised and Object Theatre from DAMU, Prague. She is also a clinical psychologist. She is interested in objects and people, and what happens when we put them together. In My Apartment, she creates her apartment in the manner of Lars von Trier’s Dogville, only with people and minor delineations of space with chalk, and a few simple objects from her backpack. Together with the audience, she sets up and apartment… or home. What home or apartment means today changed dramatically in the last year in a half. Ine Ubben, who was still a student at the time of creating the performance, was marked by moving and by making an apartment home. Of course, at this time, we can’t help but watch the performance from the viewpoint of being locked down in our own homes, and at the same time from the perspective of the (Slovenian) real estate crisis, in which the apartment is the holy grail of security and bearable life. A gentle, sensitive performance that imperceptibly and subtly makes us feel that our home is – at least for a short time – also a theatre, and that we are all a (temporary) residential community together with Ine Ubben in her apartment.

Author and performer: Ine Ubben
Set design: Olga Ziebinska, Jakub Sulik
Dramaturgy: Wayne Jordan, Eva Rosemarijn Burgerhoudt
Production: Cici Hu
Supported by: Evropska unija – Program Ustvarjalna Evropa, Kultura, Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

60 minutes

Performance is in English, there will be Slovenian summary available.

Photo by: Miljan Vuletić

Information and ticket reservations:, 00386 51 269 906.


28. 08. 2021






ŠD Tabor