Dance performance Hey, Hay! brings the spontaneity of nature (which attributes no meaning to national borders) into the theatre. Through the poetics of folklore, rituals, customs, and habits mixed with live electronic music the performers explore common roots, understanding and imagination of rural life and dismantle the idyllic, romantic idea of nature. Their multifaceted encounter will occur in an unusual intersection of the rural and the artistic, where the dance will be recognised as work and the countryside as performative potential.

Concept, choreography & performance: Anna Possarnig & Jerca Rožnik Novak
Live music: Marko Sulz & Martin Unterlechner
Lighting & set design: Max Windisch-Spoerk
Costume design: Pia Gorišek
Dramaturgy: Zala Dobovšek
Outside eye: Kamil Mrozowski
Production: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota & Flota, Ljubljana
Co-production: Bunker, Ljubljana
Leaflet design: Enya Belak
Partners: PUC, SKICA, a-ZONE, CCB, Mediterranean Dance Center San Vincenti
Supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, the City of Ljubljana, Land Kärnten/Kultur
Thanks to: beat1060, Christina Böhm, Felix the cat, Marika Balode-Haderlap & Zdravko Haderlap, Iztok Novak, Kunstraum Nestroyhof, tanz_house, Fred Giroudot, Simon Wetzel, Juš Rožnik Novak, Grandma Olga & Grandma Mimi

The show includes hay bales.


26. 10. 2023




Stara mestna elektrarna