Goran Bertok: The End, First Rehearsal


»Whatever will I create in seventeen years’ time?”, Goran Bertok asked himself in 2006, because already then he was out of ideas. This reminded him of the question we used to ask each other: What would you do if you found out that you were living the last day of your life (2023 seemed so far away at the time, as if it existed only hypothetically …). We usually let our imagination run wild in answering this question, listing all the possible – great and crazy – endeavours that we could not and would not be able to do in our real lives. But Bertok’s brother’s short answer was that he would go to sleep. In his view, anything else would be pointless, as it was all over anyway. In the style of his brother, the author decided to die (Death Certificate) in the course of seventeen-year project. Seventeen years have passed in a flash, and we find ourselves in the year 2023.

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Author: Goran Bertok
Dimensions of the urn: 14,6 cm × 30 cm
Processing of the urn: Boštjan Štine
Acknowledgments: TEM Čatež (3D tisk), Cveto Kunešević, Tomo Per
3D file/model: CGTrader
Production: Maska Ljubljana


26. 09. 2023




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