FPZ Z’borke: concert

In Slovenia, the phenomenon of choir singing is close to legendary; every school, every village has its own choir, and not a single school or state celebration, feast or funeral goes by without one. But in recent years, we’re experiencing a revival of choir singing – choirs are selling out the largest halls, exciting all generations, and new choirs are emerging in all areas: from entertainment wonders and renewed popularity of partisan choirs to this year’s guests of the Mladi levi festival: Feminist Choir Z’borke.

Z’borke are fighting with songs to make the voice of feminism more heard – to bring it on the right streets, in the right ears, and to make female artists heard. They sing a new feminist anthem, Brave Feminist and sometimes they change the lyrics of some popular song, transforming its patriarchic message. They are not only raising the morale of their female and male comrades in the fight, but also their own. A beautiful manifestation of channeling powerful messages into art, of the empowerment through art. True young lionesses!

Foto: Rebeka Bernetič


27. 08. 2017


Stara mestna elektrarna