“The equation clothing = choreographer, which DISCOllective utters during tuning, is no stranger to the sociology of material culture. Checkered uniforms and corsets, for example, determine the posture of the wearer. For example, Daniel Miller vividly described how jeans adapt to the wearer and become a second skin. The fact that clothing is the choreographer does not mean that in Other Skins we strip down to the nakedness in order to free ourselves from the choreographic dictates of clothing… Other Skins do not evade choreography at all costs, but instead open it up to new perspectives. We are asked how we become aware of these factors and use them as choreographic input. Because dance = dress, Other Skins become a fashion show of dresses (dances) that walk down the catwalk (the hall of the Old Power Station). But touch = stage, as the emphasis is not on viewing, but on tactility. Even if the exploration of the movement performed by the (DIS)Collective of dancers during tuning is visually attractive to an outside observer, the treasure lies in the collaboration. If we immerse ourselves in the tactile and at all costs try to ignore the visual, the creaking of the old parquet suddenly plays in our ears. Our skin may tingle when our elbow unexpectedly meets the calf of a (DIS)COllective member”, excerpt from Metod Zupan’s reflection “Opening Tactile Stages” on the Neodvisni portal

The performance is also a part of the Transferzala Subscription.

Choreography: Clothes
Clothes design, performance, co-choreography, customs, lighting design, sound and many other things, in collaboration with Sara Janašković, Liza Šimenc, Tina Valentan in DISCOllective
Produced by: idto.upri.se
DIS-KO-production: Svet and Principlay
With the support of: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana
In collaboration with Bunker (Ljubljana), Škuc (Ljubljana), Krog (Celje), Cultural centre Q (Ljubljana), Rareco (Albanella), L’Ex Asilo Filangieri (Napoli) and P.A.R.C. – Performing Arts Research Centre (Florence)


12. 03. 2024


19:00 - 21:00


10€ / 7€


Stara mestna elektrarna