De Utvalgte: JIMMY YOUNG


Reality shows are performances or staged events by themselves. They are also parodies of themselves. What does then offer a reflection on some other level, like the indignation about individual events in a show? They need to be “overcome” on their home ground. And that is exactly what De Utvalgte (The Chosen Ones) do. They are a group, which constantly searches new forms of expression and new contents. In their performance Jimmy Young, which De Utvalgte themselves marked as “talk show from hell”, both par-ticipants act as the background for video footage from the life of the protagonist Jimmy Young. Actor in the role of Jimmy with cameraman and false press credentials venture via the Cannes Film Festival, to the spiritual head of the Sufis in Egypt, Innuit settle-ments … There is no moral in this story, only a meaningful insight.

Directed by: Kari Holtan
Performers: Torbjørn Davidsen, Jørgen Langhelle, Randi Rommeltveit
Text: De Utvalgte
Video, lighting design and technology: Boya Bøckman
Dramaturgy: Anne Holtan
Sound: John Birger Wormdahl
Original Score: Tre Øre
Produced by: De Utvalgte, Anne Holtan
Assistant director: Marius Kolbenstvedt

75 minutes

The performance is in English.


27. 08. 2007


Stara mestna elektrarna