Danijela Zajc: THREADS

Threads (Niti) is a continuation of a longer exploration of a life steeped in patriarchy and peasant life. It is an upgrade of a play that is deeply confessional, illuminates life in a traditional rural environment, and deals with constantly pushing one’s boundaries and transcending one’s abilities. The author draws inspiration for her performance from the lives of her female family members—her grandmothers, her mother, and her sisters—as she has always been moved by their unstoppable force. Threads is a tribute, a critique, an understanding, and an acceptance. Critic Nika Arhar: “A consistent act with great presence that continues to evolve, evoking a clear yet simple and obvious metaphor that transcends the complexity of the experience within the ambit of the performance.”

“At the height of a long and hot summer it is time for­—more circus! After successfully completing the first part, we are ready for the second part of the 14th edition of Klovnbuf Festival, which this year is all about the search for balance: between sky and earth, between circus and other genres, between the normality of yearning and the abnormality of being, of living. In the post-pandemic world, the little man is completely lost, so it is necessary to find a new balance of power, focusing on human virtues, values, skills, abilities, imagination, body, mind, and heart. This section will focus on Slovenian circus artists, with happening being concentrated in the Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana. ”

Information and ticket reservations: info@bunker.si, 051 269 906.


30. 07. 2021