Crowded Bodies

A dance performance resulting from a collaborative creation workshop project between choreographer Daniele Ninarello and the Bologna community of the European project Performing Gender – Dancing in your shoes, composed of people of different ages, with and without dance experience. This is a living collage in which each performer generously expresses his or her individuality through movement, and presents it to the group. The performers explore a multitude of postures, which they adopt as an intuition arising from silence, building a collection of postures that can be analysed through their perceptions and in which they can find themselves. All of this in order to surrender and let absorbed personalities and familiar images flow into our bodies. These personalities and images call us out and we can allow them to say something about us. In this way, the group explores and presents its identity, which appears as an opaque collection, scattered and fragmented everywhere. It is about speeding up the heartbeats of all people present, in the crowd that in-forms us, giving up defining ourselves to blend into the agglomeration of all possible reincarnations. “Crowded Bodies” is an intimate quest to connect one’s self to those around us, moved by mutual trust and a desire for closeness, acceptance, unity, and understanding.

Guest performance of the project Performing Gender – Dancing in your shoes, Bologna.

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Mauro Meneghelli
Anna Rolfi
Agave Barone
Alessandro Tampieri
Daniele Chieppa
Miriana Erario

Direction by: Daniele Ninarello
Community members involved in the production: Giulia Amadori, Denise Ania, Agave Barone, Silvia Brazzale, Daniele Chieppa, Annamaria D’Adamo, Giuditta de Concini, Miriana Erario, Helena Falabino, Sara Giordani, Giulia Guadagnoli, Chiara Mannucci, Mauro Meneghelli, Anna Rolfi, Alessandro Tampieri, Pietro Tomasi, Emanuele Tontini, Davide Uccellari, Maria Stella Zangirolami
Artistic direction: Daniele Del Pozzo
Production office: Giulia Conforto
Project management: Andrea Berna
Audience development: Mauro Meneghelli
Production; Cassero LGBTI+ Center – Gender Bender
Coproduction: City of Women as part of the European project Performing Gender – Dancing in your shoes
Co-funded by: Creative Europe Programme, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Public Administration RS


10. 10. 2023


21:00 - 21:50


7€ / 10€


Stara mestna elektrarna